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Former head of Israeli intelligence says security coordination with the PA included field operations

The former head of Shabak, the Israeli Intelligence Agency, has praised his country's security coordination the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority. Ami Ayalon said that "without such coordination we couldn't have thwarted major terrorist operations."

In remarks made on 26 January to Israeli Army Radio, Ayalon explained: "We have gone beyond security coordination with the Palestinian side; in some cases the stage of intelligence cooperation has reached bilateral collaboration in the field operations."

Commenting on the so-called Palestine Papers revealed by Al-Jazeera, he expressed his belief that their disclosure "is an attempt to focus on the weaknesses of the Palestinian Authority by projecting it as a client of the United States and Israel." The Al-Jazeera leaks revealed that security coordination between the PA and the Israeli occupation authority has reached an "advanced" stage.

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