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Israel evaluates Ahmedinejad's Lebanon visit and its effect on security

Reports in the Israeli media claim that the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Zionist state's security services are evaluating the effects of Iranian President Ahmedinejad's proposed visit to Lebanon. Concerns have been raised because the president intends to visit southern Lebanon along the border with Israel. Some reports have even said that he intends to "throw stones across the border at the Israeli soldiers". According to Ha'aretz newspaper, the Israeli government regards Ahmedinejad's plans as "very worrying" for "the stability of Lebanon and the Middle East".

The media in Lebanon has reported that the Israeli Army has declared a state of alert on the Israel-Lebanon border ahead of the Iranian president's visit, which is due to take place on 13th October. The Israeli government has sent a message to the Lebanese government demanding that the visit should be cancelled as it will undermine regional stability and cause an escalation in tension along the border.

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