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Israeli forces raze agricultural lands in Bethlehem

Israel's occupation forces stormed into Walja village in the Bethlehem governorate (south of the occupied West Bank) on Tuesday, July 26. Several bulldozers were used to raze Walja's agricultural lands in order to make way for the construction of the Apartheid [Separation] Wall.

A member of the Popular Committee to Resist the Wall and Settlements, 'Alaa Al Darras, said the occupation's bulldozers and machinery started the operation in the early hours of Tuesday; bulldozing wide areas of Walja's lands planted with pine and olive trees.

Residents succeeded in stopping the Israeli bulldozers for a few hours, before a large contingent came to reinforce and support the operation.

Eyewitnesses reported the Israeli forces and machinery sealed off the Ein Joweizah area located in the northwest of Bethlehem after they attacked journalists who were present in the area to cover the incident. A group of Spanish solidarity activists supporting the villagers were also attacked by the Israeli forces.

The targeted area has been subjected to rising settlement-related activities. In their attempt to annex the area which borders occupied Jerusalem, Israeli forces have demolished a number of Palestinian homes, with similar demolition orders issued for others.

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