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Israel's Mossad is accused of kidnapping a Palestinian engineer in Ukraine

The wife of a Palestinian engineer has accused the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad of abducting her husband. Derar Abu Sisi went missing five days ago while visiting his Ukrainian wife in her home country.

The Ukraine-based Al Raed Press said that Mr. Abu Sisi is the head of operations at the only power station in the Gaza Strip and was on a visit to Ukraine when he disappeared during a train journey on 18 February. Mrs. Abu Sisi accused Mossad of kidnapping her husband because she knows that all Palestinians are targeted by the Israelis. She stressed that her husband is a governmental employee in Gaza but is not involved in any political activities and is not a member of any political party or movement.

“My husband didn’t have any enmity against any person or entity in Palestine or Ukraine, and he is not a prominent business owner or rich enough to be kidnapped by a gang,” she added.

Al Raed Press said that railway staff on duty on the night of the disappearance had claimed in an early statement that two people in plain clothes boarded the train at a station and kidnapped the Palestinian engineer after they showed him identity cards claiming that they were security personnel. The railway employees then changed their statements, claiming that everything was fine and that no one was kidnapped from the train. The media reports claim that the officials changed their story under pressure from the Ukrainian police.

According to Irenynko Mykola, a lawyer and president of a Ukraine human rights organization, there are no mutual cooperation agreements between Ukraine’s intelligence service and the Mossad. If it is proven that the Israeli agency did carry out the kidnap it will raise many questions about Mossad activity in the former soviet republic.

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