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Netanyahu is ready to consider amendments to Camp David accords with Egypt

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Israel’s Prime Minister has expressed his cabinet’s readiness to consider any Egyptian request to amend the Camp David accords to allow for an increase in the number of Egyptian troops deployed in the Sinai Peninsula. During a cabinet meeting on Sunday, 28 August Benjamin Netanyahu said that if Egypt asks to increase the number of its troops in Sinai, the issue will be considered at the Ministerial Council for Political and Security Affairs.

Netanyahu also spoke of the security challenges facing Israel as a result of the political and security changes in the region, besides the economic challenges involving the state internationally: “Israel has to deal with complex security challenges that have to do with the changes the region is undergoing,” he said.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz also addressed his country’s relations with Egypt which are, he said, “of strategic importance”. As a result, “every move has to be reviewed carefully, with its long-term effects in mind.” There are tactical and strategic considerations that have to taken into account in the long run, he added, so every change has to be reviewed carefully.

According to Internal Affairs Minister Eli Yishai, there has to be coordination and cooperation with Egypt to prevent any terrorist attacks along the Israel-Egypt border. “If there is a need for amending the peace treaty, this has to be done through coordination and understanding,” he said.