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Palestinian Nursing Syndicate prepares to send mission to Libya

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

The Palestinian Nursing Syndicate in the Gaza Strip is preparing to send a nursing mission to Libya in response to an appeal sent out on behalf of the country. Since the outbreak of the 17th February Revolution last month, large numbers of foreign nurses left the country creating a medical crisis amid the violence.
When the Syndicate announced it needed nurses to volunteer for a delegation to Libya, tens of Palestinian nurses volunteered to register their names, which forced the Syndicate to close the room for applications after the number of applicants surpassed 100 volunteers.

Mo’atassem Salah, the head of the Syndicate, told Quds Press that the message they are aiming to get across through this delegation is that, “We are the people that suffered the most from the lack of nurses, doctors, and medicines; during the war on Gaza two years ago, we were appealing for help, and the entire world rose to rescue us. So we should respond to the Libyan victims’ call of distress, and we should help them as much as we can.”
“What we are doing is returning the favour – and fulfilling our religious, national, moral, and medical duty. A delay would mean the death of more victims.”