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Rise in Israeli attacks on Gaza and Ramallah collaboration condemned

February 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm


A spokesman for the Palestinian government in Gaza has condemned the Israeli military operations against the territory, which have escalated over the past few weeks. Speaking at a press conference on 22 December, Taher El-Nono said that the government would be making a formal complaint about the increase in violent attacks and continued occupation of Palestine to the General Assembly of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the UN, the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Conference, as well as other relevant authorities.

Mr. El-Nono suggested that all political resistance expressed by the Palestinians has been undermined by the Netanyahu government, which has sought ways of creating confrontation. He commented that the synchronisation between the recent Israeli military campaign in Gaza and that carried out by the PA security forces in the West Bank confirms the Wikileaks reports of Fatah’s involvement in Israel’s war on Gaza and other collaboration with the Israeli occupation forces.

The government spokesman highlighted the 3,033 Hamas supporters who have been arrested and detained in the West Bank since the beginning of the year, including university professors, elected members of municipal councils, business people and students. Moreover, dozens of media personnel have been prosecuted before military tribunals and radio stations and media organisations which have tried to report on these security measures against Palestinians in the West Bank have been closed down.


MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad