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Call for release of journalist Ali Jaradat from Israeli detention

February 27, 2014 at 11:34 pm

A public campaign has been launched for the release from Israeli detention of the writer and journalist Ali Jaradat, 57, who was abducted from his home in Ramallah almost two years ago. This is the latest of several periods of detention for Mr. Jaradat and campaigners fear for his health and his life.

Holding the Israeli authorities fully responsible for his current suffering, the campaign has called for Mr. Jaradat to be transferred immediately to a prison that has the facilities to cater for his serious medical conditions. Campaigners also called for an end to what they describe as the “torture and maltreatment” to which he is exposed.

Numerous local, national and international bodies have been sent details of the campaign for Ali Jaradat’s release, including the Red Cross, the Union of Arab Journalists, human rights organisations and bodies concerned with detainees’ rights. “We condemn the continuing detention of the freedom fighter, writer and journalist Ali Jaradat,” said the Campaign Statement, “and call upon all humanitarian organisations and individuals to press for his immediate release from administrative detention in order to save his life.”

Adding that Mr. Jaradat has still not been charged with any offence nearly two years after his detention, the statement said, “He is being held on the pretext of ‘security’ under the most cruel conditions, undergoing interrogation and abuse at the hands of the Israelis.”
Mr. Jaradat’s health has deteriorated during this latest spell of detention, and concerns are real that he will suffer a second heart attack similar to that which he had in 2004 whilst in another Israeli prison.

Source: Quds Press