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Kamal Khatib: Israel built 60 synagogues in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque since 1967

February 27, 2014 at 11:06 am

Occupied Jerusalem – Salim Tayeh

Sheikh Kamal Khatib, deputy head of the Islamic movement in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948, in an interview with Quds Press said: “the recent events in Jerusalem are part of a decided Israeli policy, which are not exceptional, but part of the Zionist project to realize the goal of building the so-called third temple on the ruins of the Aqsa Mosque. This synagogue, (the ‘Hurva’) which was opened recently comes as a prelude to the building of the temple. We are, therefore, at the front door of a critical, decisive and fateful stage, in regard to Jerusalem in general and the Aqsa Mosque in particular.”

Khatib pointed out that: “this project represents the Judaising of the city of Jerusalem and this synagogue is number 60, as it comes after 59 previous synagogues were built in east Jerusalem since 1967. To have 60 synagogues around the Aqsa Mosque in such a small space, confirms that Israel’s aim is to obliterate the Islamic, Arabic, and Palestinian character of this city.”