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Jerusalem coalition accuse America of giving Tel Aviv green light in city

February 28, 2014 at 11:07 am

The Muslim-Christian Committee in Support of Jerusalem has accused the U.S administration of giving the green light to the Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, to move forward with Judaizing Jerusalem and its sacred areas.

The Committee’s Secretary-General, Hassan Khatar, has referred to what is taking place now in Jerusalem as a knockout blow to those “beautiful slogans” that were declared by U.S. President Barack Obama when he assumed power in the White House.

Khater explained in a statement that was announced on October 14 and received by Quds Press that the US stance on the settlement expansion, which unsettled the Israeli government over the past couple of months, has now evaporated.

He also mentioned that the U.S. administration has completely ignored the crimes and escalating acts of aggression that were committed over the past few days by the Occupation forces in the city of Jerusalem. These assaults extended to what is considered one of Islams’ holiest sites, not only in Palestine, but in the entire Muslim world.”

Khatar also announced that the world is witnessing the return of the most accelerated settlement activity in Occupied Jerusalem and its districts, and the ongoing declaration of several settlement projects. Moreover, there is an increase in the demolition of Arab homes in the city, land confiscation, and seizure of property.

The Secretary-General of the Muslim-Christian committee stated that the internal Palestinian divisions and the Arab-Muslim indifference to the current situation in Jerusalem have contributed to the U.S laxity and retreat, which made its position similar to the previous administrations’ stances.

Source: Quds Press