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Meshaal prisoner exchange is facing difficulties, "Hamas" committed to its demands

February 28, 2014 at 12:23 am

The head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, stated that the prisoner swap deal between Hamas and Israel is encountering “obstacles” due to Israeli obstinacy. He asserted that Hamas is committed to its demands for the release of prisoners.

In a press conference held Tuesday, December 8, in Sanaa, Yemen, Mr Meshaal said, “Hamas is still negotiating a prisoner exchange deal, although there are obstacles due to Israeli obstinacy.”

On another note, Meshaal reiterated Hamas’ keenness on achieving the Palestinian national reconciliation, “especially in light of the current situation,” noting that Hamas is ready for the Palestinian reconciliation, “with all that it entails, so as to unite the Palestinian ranks and confront aggression and occupation.”

In response to a question on whether he had a message from Tehran to the Yemeni leadership, Meshaal said, “We do not carry out mediation [between countries], an no one assigned us to mediate. And what is happening in Yemen is an internal affair that we leave for Yemen to deal with, to preserve the country’s unity and interests. We hope that Yemen will recover, powerful, united, and stable.” He added that Hamas is sure that Yemen will continue to live up to Hamas’ expectations, especially that Yemen has had remarkable “historical and current stances on the Palestine Cause.”

“As Palestinians, we like the good for this nation, and we are with its stability and what preserves its interests. Thus, what is going on in Sa’ada is an internal matter, and we are not for the interference into the affairs of any Arab or Islamic nation,” he said.

Source: Quds Press