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The UN calls the Occupation Authorities to stop demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

The United Nations called on Israel to "stop the policy of forced eviction and demolition of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem" warning that there are 60,000 people whose homes are exposed to demolition and thus subject to homelessness.

The call came while the Israeli Occupation Authorities are about to demolish six Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem inhabited by 26 people, including 10 children.

The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that this brings the number of persons displaced by the policy of demolition and eviction in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, since the beginning of this year, to 600 people, half of them are children.

The office stated that: "These acts violate the international law and have serious implications and negative consequences on the Palestinian communities and families."

"The United Nations reiterates its demand for Israel to unconditionally stop such acts, and urges the State of Israel to protect civilians in the Occupied Territories from further displacement."

Commenting on the justifications adduced by the Occupation Authorities which argue that the process of removing these houses occurred due to the lack permission to be built and therefore "they are illegal", OCHA said: "The absence of the necessary planning in addition to administrative constraints and high expenses make it impossible for Palestinians residents to obtain such permits, leaving to them no choice but to build "illegally" to provide shelters for their families."

The United Nations has pointed out that Palestinians who go out of the city limits lose their identities along with and their right to live in the city and re-enter it.

It also explained that "many families are facing a lot of pressure to leave the city as a result of legal and administrative constraints that affect all aspects of their daily lives."

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