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Al-Maydan (The Square) film star: I fled my house escaping through the roof

March 3, 2014 at 11:04 am

Social media activists have reported the arrest of Majdi Al-Attar, one of the actors starring in the film Al-Maydan (The Square). On Tuesday evening, Al-Attar wrote on his Facebook personal page the following: “The State Security agents are downstairs, in my house now. They are pulling the door down and I may soon be arrested. Please pray for me.” Then he was not heard from and people concluded that he must have been detained.

Yet, his son Assim surfaced to publish on his page the details of what had happened. He explained that his father managed to escape through the roof of the house. This is what he said: “At 2 a.m. my father was still awake. I heard strange noises knocking on the outside door and then pulling it down. I looked down from the balcony and saw seven armoured vehicles and another armoured vehicle with a Grinov gun mounted on top. I rushed to tell my father “dad, try to escape because the state security are downstairs”. Thank God, he managed to leave quickly. He jumped over to the neighbouring house and we did not hear from him afterwards.”

Assim went on to tell his story as follows: “They stormed into the flat. The weeping of my young siblings did not help. The officers were wearing ninja masks, only their eyes were visible. The pulled down the flat’s door and started searching. When they left the flat it was completely wrecked as if it had been through war.”

On Wednesday, Majdi Al-Attar resurfaced and appeared through his Facebook page. He answered friends who asked about his detention by reiterating what his son had said. He also said: “My revolutionary brothers and sisters, I am steadfast and I pledge to remain so. We shall, God willing, continue the march.”

It is worth mentioning that Al-Attar is one of the actors who starred in the documentary film Al-Maydan (The Square) which was nominated for an Oscar this year. The film tells his story as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who participated in the revolution and became acquainted with his friends from the different political trends. He remained a member of the Brotherhood until the events of Al-Ittihadiyahh (Presidential Palace) when he refused to participate in the activities associated with it. He stayed away from the Brotherhood until after President Morsi was deposed. It was then that he returned to supporting the group and taking part with them in what he considers activities opposed to the “military rule”.

This is a translation of the Arabic text published by Shorouknews on 7 February 2014

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