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History being forged by Al-Sisi and his gang

March 3, 2014 at 10:20 am

Egypt is undergoing the biggest forgery and fabrication process in its modern history at the hands of Al-Sisi and his gang, who have violated Egypt and stolen the people’s dreams of freedom, dignity and social justice. We had hoped to achieve these goals through the January 25th Revolution and join the ranks of civilised democracies around the world. However, the violent military coup has taken us back to the era of oppression, tyranny and injustice. The gang behind it have started to rewrite the history of the revolution in a manner that serves their personal interests. They have written it from a security perspective, as they do not consider January 25th as a revolution, but a conspiracy carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood and some youth groups funded from overseas. The intention, claim Al-Sisi and his gang, was to create chaos in the country with the support of Hamas and Hezbollah members sprung from prisons on January 28th 2011.

The revolutionaries called this the “Friday of Anger”; millions of Egyptians took to the streets and demanded the overthrow of the regime. This was the date of the true revolution in which the people united with the youth who took to the streets three days earlier. As for breaking-in to prisons and releasing prisoners and the resultant chaos, it was a premeditated act planned by Habib El-Adly, the Minister of Interior at the time and it was the same plan hatched by the Arab ministers of the interior during their annual conference in Tunisia.

The proof of this is that it a similar event occurred in Tunisia during the revolution there. El-Adly had planned to put the plan into action when he announced Gamal Mubarak’s appointment as president, after which, it was expected, the people would revolt and run into the arms of the new government to protect it. As things turned out, though, he had to put it into action on January 28th regardless of the “new president” plot. This is the truth that the coup gangsters are trying to cover up in order to distort the image of the January 25th Revolution and its icons. The revolutionary leaders are being slandered and accused of conspiring with the Islamic Resistance Movement. It is astonishing that the coup-leaders are not only totally unashamed about dealing with and establishing security coordination with the Israelis, but also consider dealing with Hamas as an act of conspiracy!

This is all part of the farce played out by the coup-leaders since their brutal and misguided takeover on June 30th last year. They have lost all reason and logic in their actions and words, but when did coups ever follow logic? The coup is merely an illegal action against all reason; a crime based on deceit and betrayal. Al-Sisi is now a Field Marshall, having been promoted by the president he himself appointed. This rank is normally reserved for senior military officers who have fought in wars and won victories for their country. Field Marshall Al-Sisi, of course, hasn’t fought in any war since he graduated from the military academy in 1977, nor has he achieved any military successes. However, this is just another example of the mockery being made of Egypt, along with his nomination for presidency.

Israel should be congratulated for the new Field Marshall, who they now regard as their main supporter after their strategic treasure, Hosni Mubarak, was overthrown by the revolution. He is an apt successor to such a predecessor, and the Arabs are inconsolable.

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