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Egypt's 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition vows to protest against military rule

The 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition called on Wednesday for all Egyptians to commemorate the third anniversary of the revolution by organising peaceful protests and sit-ins across the country. The protests, says the coalition, should fill Egypt’s squares until the revolution’s objectives are achieved.

The coalition has issued a statement containing several demands, including the overthrow of the military regime and the separation of the army from Egypt’s political life, as well as reform of the country’s ministries and judiciary. National forces that have not been involved in shedding Egyptian blood should, demanded the coalition, appoint a consensus committee of independent figures who will run the country’s affairs until elections are held.

The youth organisation added that corrupt military leaders, ministers, judges, policemen and soldiers who were involved in committing massacres against the people of Egypt should be tried by special revolutionary tribunals. The cleansing of the Ministry of the Interior, the police and the judiciary should include the dissolution of the state security service and recovery of the country’s looted wealth. The coalition’s demands for reform also include the Egyptian state media, which it claims has been involved in inciting the murder of Egyptians.

Approaches to revolutionary forces will be made in order to reach a comprehensive reconciliation agreement, said the statement. The coalition called on them to put aside their ideological and political differences in favour of the national interest until Egypt regains its status and strength.

“We will not be fooled again and will not accept half solutions,” insisted the youth coalition. “We will only accept a full achievement of the revolution’s objectives. We demand an end to the inherited tyranny, oppression and corruption that have drained Egypt. The 25 January will be the beginning and we will not leave the squares, even if we have to protest for years until the Egypt we wish to live in is reborn; a beautiful Egypt, where freedom, dignity and justice prevail and where Egyptians work to build their country and restore its regional and international status.”

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