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Saad Eddin Ibrahim: 'Turn schools and mosques into jails for Muslim Brotherhood'

Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Egyptian sociologist and chairman of Ibn Khaldoun Center for Human Rights, urged the interim government to turn schools and mosques in Egypt into jails, temporarily, to accommodate the number of Muslim Brotherhood members, which is 700,000 in his opinion.

In statements to the pro-military Watan newspaper, Ibrahim accused the MB of carrying out the bombings that shook the Egyptian capital on Friday.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood condemned the bombings, and denied any links to violent acts.

The spokesman of the Salafi Front, Khaled Said, commented on Ibrahim’s statement saying: “the so-called Egyptian liberal elite is passing through its worst phases. They are aspiring to emulate the Nazi camps in Germany and Italian detention centers in Libya, confronting their fellow countrymen simply because of political differences.”

Source: Arabi 21

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