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Bennett: There is no Palestinian partner for peace

The absence of a Palestinian partner is hindering the peace process, but chances of peace are not over, Head of the Jewish Home party and Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett claimed.

Bennett told Hebrew radio that “there is no Palestinian partner to sign a peace agreement, with whom will we sign this agreement? Who does Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] represent?” He explained that the Palestinian President Abu Mazen is not a partner for peace with Israel and does not represent the Palestinians.

Rejecting the idea that the current efforts are the last chance for peace in the region; he added that there is no need to scare Israel because the chances of peace will be available when a Palestinian partner is available.

Bennett stressed on the strong and strategic relationship with the United States, considering the division that appears from time to time with the US a disagreement between friends. He said their differences do not affect their relationship.

Regarding the pressure exerted by the US on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennett confirming Netanyahu will maintain the strategic interests of Israel and will not surrender to these pressures.

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