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Ex-Israel MK Lieberman slams Egypt

April 25, 2024 at 8:20 am

Avigdor Lieberman on 18 Februrary, 2017

Avigdor Lieberman, a former Israeli Knesset member and minister of defence, has criticised Egypt for allegedly violating agreements with Israel.

Lieberman claimed that Egypt allowed a large number of Palestinian resistance fighter to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing for medical treatment in Sinai, including those involved in the events of 7 October.

Taking to X, he wrote: “Yesterday, perhaps on the occasion of Easter, Egypt transferred full containers of cigarettes through the Rafah crossing to the Gaza Strip, and if that wasn’t enough, Egypt allowed a large number of elite Hamas militants, including those involved on 7 October, to leave through the Rafah crossing accompanied by their escorts for treatment, in complete contradiction to all agreements with Israel.”

Lieberman also criticised the Israeli political leadership and called for a new approach to Egypt, saying: “I hope that a senior Israeli official will be found who dares to clarify to Egypt in a new and non-mysterious way that the double game they are playing is unacceptable.”

He concluded by saying, “It is time to control the system at the Rafah crossing and along the Philadelphi Corridor, and even these days through the tunnels under the corridor as Hamas continues smuggling.”

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