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Egyptian-Israeli spy ring details revealed

Official investigations into the network of Mossad spies in Egypt have revealed that Ramzy Mohamed Shebini made contact with the Israeli spy agency through the Israeli Embassy in 2009; money was his prime motivation. In return he expressed his love for Israel and a promise of all the information he had about Egyptian society and its institutions.

Shebini went to Austria on orders from Israeli intelligence, which provided for his travel and accommodation, where he met another defendant, "the Israeli Mossad officer" at the embassy in Vienna. As an ex-army officer, Shebini was able to supply the Israelis with information about the Egyptian armed forces; he was paid for doing so and was trained by his new contact on how to gather useful information and monitor institutions.

Furthermore, the investigations showed that Shebini managed to recruit the second defendant in the case, Sahar Ibrahim Mohamed Salama, to work for Israeli intelligence and to exploit her relations with several men in various state roles by virtue of her job as a journalist. They worked in tandem to put together an analysis of tends in society and public opinion, especially regarding the January 25th Revolution, as well as the actions of the Armed Forces. The information also included the strength and influence of the popular, religious and political trends, as well as the condition of the Egyptian people during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. They also collected personal information on Egyptians living inside and outside the country, which was passed to Israeli intelligence.

The two Egyptian defendants received €90,000 in cash, gifts, and mobile phones, which were given to Shebini during his meetings with a number of Israeli agents in various European countries, namely Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark and Greece. He was also involved sexually with some agents sent by Mossad to monitor and control him. Shebini and Salama have both confessed to spying for Israel; Mossad officers Samuel Ben Zeev and David Wiseman are also on trial.

The case continues at Cairo Criminal Court.

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