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The truth about the inventor of the AIDS cure

Recent reports that a cure for AIDS and Hepatitis C has been discovered in Egypt have subjected the country to much criticism and ridicule. A recent report by Egypt's Al-Sharq TV shed light on the truth behind the doctor who discovered the "cure".

Presenter: Welcome. We are meant to meet daily for our talk show entitled "The truth and Hope" in the coming days, however what happened yesterday made me very eager to speak to you all even before the programme begins.

Like any Egyptian national, the amazing scientific discoveries which were published about finding a cure for AIDS and Hepatitis C filled me with optimism that the coming days will be filled with beauty, optimism and ecstasy following such a big scientific discovery. Large amounts of money would be coming in to the country allowing us to clear our debts and more in a matter of months.

What is more important than any of that is that we would be able to treat millions of people, not just in Egypt, but in the world. All this hope was instilled in me when I saw the announcement from Brigadier Dr Ibrahim Abdel Aati.

However, the truth is I was shocked when the research team at Al-Sharq TV showed me information. The truth is if this information is true then we have become the a joke in the world.

First, let's watch the report.

Narrator: A public embarrassment is what the world witnessed when the Egyptian army announced the discovery of a device that would treat and cure AIDS and Hepetitis C, an embarrassment that Al-Sharq TV is now showing the extent of it.

It started with an event organised by the Egyptian army in the presence of the Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour and the Minister of Defence Field Marshal Abdel Al-Fattah Al-Sisi and a number of dignitaries.

An unprecedented announcement that was expected to help the international community and bring much respect to Egypt ended up causing great embarrassment to the army. This is what drove Al-Sharq TV to research and try to discover what actually happened.

We started with Brigidier Dr Ibrahim Abdel Aati, whose image filled the screens of all Egyptian satellite channels, when he was named the man who discovered this amazing cure.

He was said to be the chairman of the Scientific Research Committee in Engineer Management within the armed forces

Dr Abdel Aati:: I prick a patient's finger and I get the AIDS out and feed it to the patient as a piece of meatballs.

Narrator: Abdel Aati's manner caught the eye of research teams at Al-Sharq TV. He used very unique language and ideas that would lead to ridicule. He speaks of stealing and attracting millions to enable him to achieve his recent innovation.

What added to our suspicions was the fact Dr Hisam Hiji, the scientific advisor to the president, came out and said Abdel Aati was a national embarrassment for Egypt.

During our research we discovered an old video of Abdel Aati in a programme aired by the Muslim channel Al-Nas where he presented a show about scientific signs in the Qur'an. The station was closed following the military coup of July 3, 2013, accused of airing amusing stories that were made up.

This surprise led us to research more about Abdel Aati. The shock was that Abdel Aati wasn't a military man however an honorary title of brigadier was bestowed upon him. The most famous person to get a similar title was musician Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

Military sources told Al-Sharq TV that Abdel Aati submitted results of a study last year to Brigadier Tahir Abdulallah, chariman of Engineer Management in the Armed Forces, who was impressed by Abdel Aati's manner and nominated him for the title of brigadier.

An Egyptian citizen interviewed by Al-Sharq TV confirmed the identity of Abdel Aati as a known doctor of herbal medicine. He said he'd known Abdel Aati for many years and that Abdel Aati was famous in some satellite channels. The source said he frequented his surgery for over four years seeking treatment for a family member who was unable to use conventional medicines.

The patient was not cured and none of Abdel Aati's patients are ever cured, according to this source, who added that he saw certificates from western universities in Abdel Aati's office as well as picture with westerners.

According to other sources, Abdel Aati started working from his home in Corniche El-Maadi, he was later subjected to government pressure which forced him to work in a workshop in the town of Kafr El-Dawar. According to the sources the workshop was underground. Government officials later moved Abdel Aati to Alexandra to continue his work until he left the country. He divorced his wife in while he was in Alexandria.

The story of this Doctor Brigadier, who claimed that his invention was subject to a number of hijack attempts and received a considerable number of offers of purchase, is another in a long list of scandals that have plagued the coup authorities.

The question remains; If researchers from Al-Sharq TV were able to attain this information did the political parties not know about his past prior to granting him the rank of brigadier?

Ahmed Al-Arabi, Al-Sharq TV.

Presenter: As an Egyptian I wish all this information wasn't true. But it is. There is hope within me that all this is a dream. Yes we checked every piece of information but I wish this information is not true.

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