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Israeli official admits to practicing racial discrimination against Arabs

Israel’s Finance Ministry discriminates against Arabs living in Israel when allocating budgets to them, a ministry official said on Monday.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper quoted Finance Ministry budget director Amir Levy as saying: “The Finance Ministry allocates lower budgets to Arabs than to Jewish Israelis.” Levy said there are vast gaps in resources allocated to public transport, tax revenues, industrial investment and education.

Levy pointed out that “the Israeli government has to resolve the problem fundamentally and close the gaps instead of resorting to short term solutions.

“The government has to introduce drastic reforms and increase the budget allocated to Arabs and distribute budgets equally, taking into consideration the future growth in the Arab community,” he said.

Arab Members of the Knesset have been complaining about the lack of budgets allocated by the Israeli government to Arabs living in Israel, accusing it of practicing racial discrimination against them.

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