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Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood calls on the UK to end its investigation into the group's activities

The Secretary General of Jordan's Labour Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, has sent a memo to Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, via the British ministry in Amman, calling upon him to stop the British government's investigation into the Brotherhood's activities in the United Kingdom.

In the memo, Hamza Mansour explained that he was surprised to learn that the UK government is conducting an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood's activities in Britain and the group's alleged involvement in terrorism because the Brotherhood has consistently adopted a peaceful approach in its call for political reform.

He stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood has always embraced a peaceful approach, even when it is targeted by some dictatorial regimes that cannot stand the Brotherhood's success in Islamic da'wa (missionary work) and its political and social activities.

Mansour noted that "the UK government's decision is a valuable reward to the coup government in Egypt," reminding Cameron that the Egyptian regime defied the results of five elections and popular referendums and restored a military rule that has been dominating Egypt for six decades, leading to its underdevelopment.

He also conveyed how he was hoping that Britain, as a democratic state, would realise the value of the democratic process and popular will, reject military coup d'├ętats, and condemn Egypt's coup and all the crimes committed by the Egyptian regime, pointing out that these crimes have been confirmed and documented by human rights organisations.

But instead, Mansour said the UK government appears to be giving hints that are being utilised by the Egyptian regime in covering up its crimes.

He called upon the UK government to reconsider its decision regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that the UK knows well, thanks to the presence of a number of Islamists including Muslim Brothers in the country and across Europe, that the group is a rational Islamist movement that seeks to foster noble values and contribute to world peace.

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