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Moroccan minister: Accusing Morocco of causing chaos in Algeria is 'propaganda'

April 12, 2014 at 2:45 pm

The Moroccan Minister of State, Mohammed Yazghi, has denied the recent allegations published in Algerian newspapers about a Moroccan security plan to send dozens of Moroccans into Algeria to cause chaos on the eve of the presidential election, saying that these reports have “nothing to do with reality”.

In remarks to Quds Press, Yazghi said that Morocco is keen on strengthening its relations with Algeria and getting over any tensions related to the controversy over the future of the Western Sahara. He continued: “Morocco hopes that things settle down in our sister nation of Algeria. We in Morocco cannot do any disservices to Algeria, therefore what was published by some Algerian newspapers about the presence of a Moroccan security cell with a mission to cause chaos in Algeria is in fact propaganda and part of an electoral campaign that aims to distract the Algerian public opinion with external issues that have nothing to do with reality. So this is electoral outbidding that has nothing to do with us.”

He added: “Morocco demands the opening of the closed land border with Algeria and normalising its relations, leaving the Western Sahara issue to the United Nations to decide upon, in order for us to work towards activating the Arab Maghreb Union.”