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US report hails Egypt and PA for counterterrorism efforts

A report on Terrorism published by the US State Department Wednesday hailed the performance of Palestinian security agencies as well as Egypt's efforts in countering smuggling of weapons to Gaza.

According to the report, "Israeli authorities, among others, have noted continuing improvements in the capacity and performance of PASF as a leading contributor to the improved security environment in the West Bank, and a dramatic reduction in terrorist incidents in and emanating from the West Bank over the past seven years."

Moreover, the report pointed out that "The PA continued to detain terrorists in the West Bank, and PA authorities tried some detainees in civilian and military courts." It added that PA security forces continued to detain Hamas members in the West Bank, despite reconciliation talks between the two Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas.

The report also notes that in October, security forces of the PA led a broad operation in Jenin refugee camp to arrest members of the Islamic Jihad group as well as criminal elements, including Fatah members.

Concerning Egypt, the report noted that growing instability has led to a surge in violent extremism in Sinai, but also in other places such as Cairo and Nile Delta cities. However, the report hailed the Egyptian army's operations in Sinai, citing Israel's recognition of Egypt's positive role in countering weapon smuggling to Gaza.

Concerning the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, the report said that the Egyptian government "did not provide any substantiating evidence that the MB was directly involved in the terrorist attacks that followed President Mohamed Morsy's removal."

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