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Ages in Darkness

May 9, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Report by: Fuad Al Khoffash (Researcher) and Ghassan Obaid (Human Rights Activist)

There are various forms of historical injustice against the Palestinian people that are resulted from the existence of the Israeli occupation over his home land, but in this report “Ages in Darkness” we will display only one form of this long suffering that is the occupation process and the involving of group of prisoners in jails and the attempt to separate them and making them absent from their families.

Long suffering experiences were imposed on these prisoners as a result of absence of rights and justice, these prisoners gave humanitarian examples in patience, passion and coping with life problems, and they never lose hope.

We have chosen a group of the oldest Palestinian and Arab prisoners in the occupation prisons, to display samples of their lives and some of endure and suffering of their families, this is done in order to get more knowledge and awareness about the suffering of these people, as a result of the long and unjust sentences issued by the courts of the occupation forces against them.

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