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Al-Zumar: Western support for the coup confirms that it was a plan to sabotage Egypt

May 13, 2014 at 4:09 pm

Dr Tariq Al-Zumar, chairman of the Building and Development Party and a leader in the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, has said that the ten principles of Brussels, that were recently announced, is a sincere national initiative, which cannot be rejected by anyone keen on the January 25 Revolution. He pointed out that a document of principles uniting the forces and movements of January 25 Revolution represents an important turning point in the course of the Revolution.

Al-Zumar said in remarks to Al-Sharq channel – “this does not mean that we have no reservations about it. It was needed to open the door of dialogue. They also need to properly agree on practical steps, which must be launched from Cairo. The founding principles must also include the inclusion of all the movements that participated in the January 25 Revolution, as well as a number of other necessary components.”

Al-Zumar also indicated that the Building and Development Party believes that there are principles which are necessary to be included in this project. In this regard he cited the need for; a specific wording to protect the state from the risk of collapse; a strong stand against attempts to divide the society and push it towards civil war; emphasis on the will of the people above all others; and to adopt all peaceful means of public or political discourse.

Al-Zumar went on to say: “We still hope that this step will be the beginning of an intensive and open dialogue between all the forces and movements of January 25 to reach common understandings, to achieve mutual goals, and to translate them into procedures and steps on the ground.”

On the demand for the return of President Mohammed Morsi to office, Al-Zumar said: “This move is not intended for Morsi per se as it relates to the legitimacy created for the first time by the people in their modern history. I really do not believe that a dignified people can compromise their choice exercised by their free will, just because they were ordered to do that by an armed officer. I still believe that a consensual agreement can be reached among the forces of January 25 about the format and nature of his return.”

On the announcement of the former Israeli Prime Minister’s support for Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, he explicitly said: “The American, European and Israeli decision was not only support for the coup, but also support for the sabotaging of Egypt. That was after it became clear that the coup was nothing but a project of sabotage par excellence.”

The head of the Building and Development Party said that one of the major signs of backwardness in the current Egyptian scene is the institutions and industries that are ruled by the deep pharaonic state, ignoring that we are living in the 21st century.