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Senior Hamas official says consensus government subject to PLC confidence

May 18, 2014 at 11:46 am

The Islamic Resistance movement Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said the Palestinian consensus government will be presented before the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to gain confidence.

Al-Zahar pointed out in a televised interview on Saturday that rounds of failed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority pushed the reconciliation towards maturity, stressing that his movement would not accept less than all of Palestine.

Al-Zahar stressed that Hamas’s arms will not be removed under unity agreement, saying “the weapons which expelled the Israeli occupation outside Gaza Strip will remain directed towards Israel.”

“The transitional government will be a government of consensual technocrats that may or may not be chaired by President Mahmoud Abbas. The government has no political agenda and therefore it is not authorized to negotiate on any Palestinian issue,” he said.

Al-Zahar pointed out that the Rafah crossing will be closed on purpose after forming the unity government to avoid chaos.” He noted that the boarders’ agreement which hindered the Palestinian passengers’ freedom of movement ended in 2005.

Al-Zahar called on the PA in the West Bank to counter any attempts to thwart the reconciliation agreement signed between Hamas and Fatah. He also praised efforts of Fatah’s delegate to the reconciliation Azzam al-Ahmad, saying other members proposed issues that could hinder the agreement.

Al-Zahar pointed out that Egypt has played a role in achieving the Palestinian reconciliation, while implementing the agreement can be sponsored by Egypt or any other Arab country.

He denied claims that Hamas has been interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs.

The Hamas leader said it was too early to discuss the presidential election.

He pointed out that Hamas’s relationship with Iran is good warning that Israel could interfere to thwart the agreement.