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Israeli Court sentences Sheikh Raed Salah for 6 months

The Israeli Magistrate Court issued on Monday a suspended 6 months sentence to the head of the Islamic movement inside Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah, and a fine of 9,000 Shekel (2600 dollars) in the case known as karama crossing. (Allenby Crossing according to Israel National News)

Zahi Nujeidat, the spokesperson for the Islamic movement, clarified that Sheikh Raed Salah will be imprisoned for six months should “new similar charges be brought against him”

The news site said that the Israeli police wanted to strip search Raed Salah’s wife, a procedure both he and his wife objected to, describing it as, “a humiliating procedure touching upon the wife’s dignity”, forbidding the police from searching his wife in such a way. Following his refusal to allow his wife to be searched, Raed Salah was arrested and charged with “hindering the work of the police” where his file has been opened to investigate the police allegations against him.

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