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Peter Oborne tells Egyptian TV: the Muslim Brotherhood is a brave organisation, not terrorists

Egyptian presenter Osama Kamal did not expect the reply from chief political commentator and journalist Peter Oborne, of the British Daily Telegraph, when he asked him about the Muslim Brotherhood. Oborne affirmed that it is a great political movement, not only in Egypt, but also in the Middle East and worldwide.

In a discussion aired by satellite channel Cairo and the People, Oborne refused to call them a terrorist organisation, stating that the Brotherhood is an organisation that represents a significant sector of Egyptians and that it has stood bravely against the military regimes which ran the country for many years.

With regards to the investigation that the British authorities are undertaking into the Muslim Brotherhood and their links to terrorism, Oborne stated that he views the investigation as “completely mad”. He said that the British government has done it in order to please Saudi Arabia which is terrified of the Muslim Brotherhood. He added that the one responsible for this is the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, saying: “the British government has many commercial interests; it needs to sell arms to Saudi, needs to buy oil from Saudi.”

Oborne affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood need to be included in any political solution, and that accusing them of terrorism is for Sis’s benefit and has no evidence to substantiate it.

Source: Arabi 21

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