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Israeli racism and fascism and how to resist it

June 2, 2014 at 3:46 pm

The institutional and popular Zionist racism has become rampant all over Palestine and torturing the Palestinians living in Palestine has become an acceptable and even welcomed matter by the various sections of the Israeli community. The open and hidden racism is likely to grow even more under Benjamin Netanyahu’s third term as, for example, the head of diplomacy, the racist brought in from Russia, Avigdor Lieberman, who lives in a settlement in the occupied West Bank, is calling for the expulsion of the original and indigenous people of the land, i.e. we the Palestinians who stayed in our countries against their wishes and who will stay forever. We refuse such mass expulsion and therefore we adopt the logic, the last to come should be the first to leave.

As for Prime Minister Netanyahu, he has the famous saying that the Arabs in Israel are a ticking demographic bomb and that the problem of the Arabs in West Bank and Gaza is solvable and that the true dilemma lies in what this Zionist calls the Arabs of Israel.

I have no qualms to quickly remind the readers of the statements made last year by the Director of the Israeli Shabak, Yuval Diskin, in which he said his agency would persecute every Arab Palestinian who refused to recognise Israel as a democratic Jewish state, which is a matter rejected by the vast majority of Palestinians living in Israel. It is also important to refer to recent history to recall the statement made by the Minister of Justice and the Chief Israel Negotiator with the Palestinians Tzipi Livni, a statement that bears much denial of the Palestinians and reflects the Zionist arrogance and reflects the fact that she has and will continue to view the Palestinians as “inferior”.

This minister, who is considered a part of the centre party in Israel, said that the future Palestinian state is the only place for the Palestinians from all three sides of the triangle: the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Palestinians in Israel and the Palestinians in Diaspora, and it is where they can achieve their national dreams. This statement is dangerous and implicitly calls for expelling the Palestinians in Palestine to the Palestinian state that will be established. We believe that this dream has become a frightening nightmare for the Zionists and their Palestinian partners who have become addicted to fruitless, futile and empty negotiations. Ami Ayalon, former minister and head of the Shin Bet in the past, who is proud and brags about killing more Palestinians than the number of Israelis and Jewish people killed by Hamas, said in a press interview that if Israel feels that its existence is at risk and in danger, it will not hesitate to repeat what it did in 1948, and as we know, it was in that fateful year that the Zionist gangs committed massacres against the Palestinians and expelled people from their homes armed with the false Zionist statement that Palestine is a land without a people for a people without land. Therefore we would not be offending anyone if we also said that in the mind of every Zionist is a land of “milk and honey” that nestles a small fascist that is growing very quickly and spreads like a wildfire.

This racism, which is steadily heading towards fascism, aims to transform this state to a racial segregation (Apartheid) state, which was the case in South Africa during the time the white minority was ruling the black majority. To prove this vicious Zionist approach, it is enough to point out that in the occupied West Bank, the system of racial segregation already exists; how else can you explain the existence of streets allotted for the use of the settlers only, and the Palestinians are prohibited from using them; isn’t this the ugliest form of racial segregation? Here, in Palestine, social segregation is applied both verbally and physically, and it is important to keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians in the country are poor, and this state did not arise from nothing; it is the inevitable consequence of the racist policy established by the successive Israeli governments since they were planted in the Middle East. What jobs are Palestinians allowed to do? Let’s put the question in a simpler form: Why are job applicants required to have served in the Israeli army? It is worth noting that in liberal democratic states, there are no conditions or requirements applied to responsibilities and rights, and it is ironic and farcical that this state views itself as a liberal democratic state, on paper of course, meanwhile it commits the ugliest form of racial segregation against the Palestinian minority in Israel. They commit such acts in order to humiliate and impoverish the Palestinians to persuade them that voluntary immigration to the West Bank would give them the opportunity to live comfortably and luxuriously.

In addition to this, we must also take into account the fact that it is the state of the Shin Bet, in other words, the state is run by the Shin Bet, not the state that runs the Shin Bet, and this is the obscure security agency that interferes in every small and large matter and are trying to narrow the playing field for the Palestinians in Palestine, a playing field that is already very tight and limited. For example, why did the Shin Bet involve itself in the appointment of the headmasters and teachers in the Arab schools and even in the Ministry of Education? Isn’t it enough they force us to study the false Zionist narrative of history and prevent us from learning the Palestinian narrative; our story, the story of people who were displaced and expelled from their land in one of the biggest crimes committed in modern history?

Things are going from bad to worse during the term of the current Zionist parliament. There is a long list of draft laws that aim to establish and solidify the Arab inferiority and the superiority of the Jews. One of these draft laws requires the Israeli Supreme Court to favour Jewish people over Arabs, as well as a fascist draft law that calls for the adoption of the Talmud as the legal reference for Israel.

Furthermore, there is also a draft law that replaces Arabic as an official language in Israel and deems it a secondary language. The Ministerial Committee for Legislation also approved a draft law banning the registration of civil associations that do not recognise Israel as a Jewish state. It goes without saying that the new law proposed by Miri Regev, chairperson of the Israeli Knesset’s Internal Affairs Committee (Likud – Israel Beiteinu), means the enforcement of the process of imposing the recognition of the Jewishness of the state on civil associations, especially among the Palestinians in Palestine, because the failure to register the association deems it illegal. This law can also be considered a form of political persecution and the intimidation of NGOs, human rights organisations and activists who have an opinion contrary to the Israeli consensus. In addition to this, Netanyahu and MK Naftali Bennett reached an agreement regarding the proposed laws which will transform the Jewish state from identifying itself as a Jewish democratic state to identifying itself as a Jewish state governed by a democratic system.

The law, known as the “people’s” law, is also a draft bill that is racist against the Palestinian citizens of Israel and their existence and presence in the land of their ancestors. This law defines Israel as a national state for the Jewish people, meaning it considers all the Jewish people in the world a nation and that the right to live and settle in Israel is only limited to the Jewish people. This also emphasises the known symbols of the state and its anthem which includes Zionist and radical expressions.

Everything I have mentioned so far is only the tip of the iceberg.

In light of the escalation of Zionist racism against the Palestinian in Palestine, the following question comes to mind: What can we do? How do we face this flood of unjust laws passed against us, especially if we take into consideration the “Oslo-istan” authority which has disowned us and left us like orphans in the hands of villains? Due to the fact that the Arab League is an undefined body used by America and its step-child Israel to pass resolutions serving the world’s imperialist interests, as was the case with Syria and Libya, so it is very unreliable, and therefore, perhaps the only option left for us is to resort to the international community and ask them for protection from the racist clutches of Israel, because otherwise, the Israeli state will be given the opportunity to single us out and isolate us and turn us back into lumberjacks, and then slowly implement their plan of mass displacement.

Translated from Raialyoum 1 June 2104


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