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Ex-Iraqi PM: Baghdad belt has fallen

Former Iraqi prime minister Ayad Allawi said that the areas surrounding Baghdad had already fallen and that Iraq is heading to the "partition" scenario.

In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour Saturday, Allawi said: "The belt of Baghdad has fallen," pointing out that "the outskirts are under the control of the armed people, the militants, the Sunni militants… The government of Baghdad is unable to challenge this, the government is unable to prevent explosions inside Baghdad."

Asked whether we are seeing the end of Iraq as we know it, Allawi replied: "Probably". He then added: "It depends how it's going to be handled. But I think we are moving to a Syrianization kind of situation".

Regarding US role in the conflict, Allawi said: "An American intervention would not be helpful. It will probably put oil on the fire. I think the Americans have lost their effort to, and their capability to, influence things in Iraq especially after they left and departed in 2011."

"There are two players now in Iraq, two measured players: Iran and Turkey", Allawi said. "But again they can't come nakedly in to Iraq".


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