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Palestinians protest against Israeli-Palestinian cooperation

Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in Ramallah to condemn the continuous Israeli aggression in the West Bank, as well as the Palestinian Authority’s security cooperation with Israel.

Large numbers of Palestinians also took part in the funeral processions of two Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli occupation forces during their raids.

The protesters raised posters calling for the PA’s security cooperation with the Israeli occupation to stop. They called it a “free service by the PA to the Israeli occupation at the expense of Palestinian civilians.”

In response to the protests, the PA security services took up arms in the face of the protesters, who called for them to protect the Palestinian civilians instead of stopping the protests.

Since the beginning of the Israeli manhunt for the three Israeli settlers who went missing on June 12, the Israeli occupation arrested more than 400 Palestinians, including 24 Palestinian members of parliament and 54 former prisoners released by a prisoners swap in 2011.

Five Palestinian civilians were killed and more than 10 were wounded, while 1,700 homes have been searched. Israeli forces also damaged the properties.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that killing the Palestinian civilians during the search operation was an act of “self-defence”.

The city of Hebron, where the settlers were believed to have been last seen, has been under siege for 11 consecutive days. Israeli sources said that still have no leads regarding the settlers’ whereabouts.


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