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Israel cuts off electricity in Ramallah over unpaid debt

Israel Electric Corp cut off electricity to Ramallah this morning over unpaid debts which amount to 974 million shekels (£166.8 million), CEO of the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO) Hisham Omari announced.

Omari told Safa news agency that JDECO crews have been working to connect the affected areas to other lines. He said: “The pleasant weather in the mornings and the reduced use of electricity has helped ease the power load from the new areas.”

Omari announced in a press release yesterday that JDECO has received formal notice from the Israel Electric Corp announcing that it will impose restrictions on JDECO’s power supply areas. Omari noted that the letter did not specify the areas or the duration of the cut which will continue until the full repayment of the company’s debt.

He pointed out that a similar notice had been delivered to the electricity distribution companies in the West Bank, after the company’s bank accounts and properties were seized.

Omari said the electricity was cut off without prior warning. He urged all institutions; hospitals, drug stores, the water sector, telecommunications, waste water pumps and all participants in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jericho to prepare for power outages.

He also appealed to all participants to repay their debts and rectify their situation with the company, and take responsibility for this grave situation, which, if implemented, would stop life in the Palestinian territories.

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