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Shame on their statements

This time, the statements were not made out of jealousy or spite, but were part of a process of systematic misguidance in order to force people’s minds to adopt the more disappointing narrative regarding the resistance project in general, and Hamas in the West Bank in particular. This is especially true in the case of Fatah’s statements and positions towards what has been occurring in the West Bank since the disappearance of the three settlers and the large-scale Israeli arrest campaign that followed, which aimed to compromise and damage Hamas at various levels.

Apart from Mahmoud Abbas’s shameful statements regarding the sanctity of the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with Israel and insisting upon its necessity; and the fact that such positions are in alignment with the man’s already declared approach, there have been no other statements issued by Fatah or their official spokespeople that express national responsibility. In addition to this, the recent campaign did not affect the lies and fallacies that they issue daily, nor did they succeed in reducing the level of chronic hatred toward Hamas which has accumulated over time in PA positions and statements issued from Palestinian media platforms.

The people not only tried to justify Abbas’s political errors and failed to look for (tactical) escapes from the hostile behaviour adopted by the security services while dealing with Hamas and other activists, but they also intensified their corruption of the public consciousness. They focused on the blatant lie which claims that what happened in the West Bank was an Israeli plot to eliminate the PA and weaken it, and that Hamas has been creating chaos in the West Bank as a prelude to organising another coup to take control of all the occupied Palestinian territories.

Such corrupt positions are only adopted by those lacking a national conscience, those chasing after their interests linked to the PA, or those willing to embrace any opinion that serves their narrow interests and projects. The reality about such false positions is not only that they overlook the truth that is evident to everyone, that the campaign targets Hamas and not the PA, but also the attempt to make the PA’s continued existence a national interest and the Palestinians’ only priority. This gives the PA an air of holiness and neutralises everything opposed to the authority or that which may affect it, even if it is the resistance against the occupation that is trying to gain something that years of fruitless negotiations failed to do.

Such “sanctification” of the PA and all related matters, such as security coordination, subjection to the demands of the Israeli occupation, and the evacuation of cities the occupation wants to take over, has established and continues to establish new Palestinian patterns that enables treason and betrayals and characterises them as nationalism and interests. This is paired with the audacity of accusing the true resistance of spying and conspiring with the occupation, even while the occupier is calling on the world to oppose the resistance because it ruins the atmosphere of safety and reassurance provided by the PA’s security coordination. The latter remains committed to protecting the Israelis and their occupation, even if it means standing alone against the majority of the Palestinians.

Not only does the saying “If you feel no shame, then do as you will” apply to the PA, but the word “shame” will inevitably be erased from its lexicon in the future. It is not only screaming in pain, but its current screams and all the immorality, lies, and falsity that comes with it are consistent with the screams of its “partner in peace”, and in expression of the hostility towards their joint enemy, the strength of which they both fear for similar reasons.

Source: felesteen.ps

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