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Protests sweep across Europe against Israeli aggression

July 10, 2014 at 12:23 pm

Concerned citizens in a number of European cities have staged peaceful protests against Israel’s aggression in the Gaza Strip, which so far has resulted in the killing of several dozen Palestinians, Felesteen newspaper reported.

In Spain, the Palestine Solidarity Forum organised a protest in Madrid, during which the participants appealed to Israel to immediately stop its aggression against the Gaza Strip. The protesters read out a statement reminding the international community that 9 July marked the tenth anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s decision on the Apartheid Wall erected by Israel inside the occupied Palestinian territories, declaring it illegal.

The protestors demanded “to freeze the partnership agreement between Israel and the European Union; to abolish all forms of military and security cooperation; and to stop all Spanish companies’ activities in Israel to avoid becoming a war criminal”.

In Barcelona, a pro-Palestine group organised a similar protest attended by several representatives of political parties and nearly a thousand people, who all condemned the Israeli raids on Gaza. The protestors demanded a stop to all forms of cooperation between the city’s autonomous authority and Israel over the latter’s “aggressiveness”.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry has warned its citizens planning to travel to Israel or Palestine to take full caution.

Meanwhile, nearly a hundred people organised a protest in front of the European Parliament’s headquarters in Brussels to condemn the continued Israeli attacks. The protesters declared that, “the Israeli actions, including random shelling without any distinction between civilians or military personnel and the killing of children and women, are war crimes which Israeli officials should be tried for.”

The protesters chanted slogans against Israel, including “Israel is a terrorist” and “Boycott Israel”, and appealed to the governments of the European Union and Belgium to take rapid political action to stop Israeli’s aggression against Gaza.

In Istanbul, the Palestine Solidarity Association organised a similar protests in Oglu Beck Street, waving Turkish and Palestinian flags. The organisers said that the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are being killed in cold blood.

Similar protests have also been held in London, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Glasgow, Derry, Galway, Paris, Strasbourg, Berlin, The Hague, Athens, Valencia, Rome, Turin, Florence and Geneva, with many more protests planned in the coming days. A selection of photographs of the protests across both Europe and North America are being published on the website of Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.

The Israeli Air Force launched on Tuesday multiple raids on different parts of the Gaza Strip, so far resulting in the killing of at least 77 Palestinians, including women and children, and nearly 500 being injured, according to Palestinian medical sources.