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Senior Fatah leader: resistance is to win, Abbas' political life to end

July 12, 2014 at 11:45 am

Member of Fatah Revolutionary Council Hussam Khader said on Friday that the Israeli war on Gaza would lead to a victory for the Palestinian resistance that would end Abbas’ political role.

Posting on his Facebook page, Khader said: “The war on Gaza will lead to an emotional victory for the Palestinian resistance, and that will put an end to the political life of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas.”

He also said: “The expected victory will lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip.”

Khader’s remarks came at the same time Abbas criticised the Palestinian resistance and said he could do nothing for the Palestinians under Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip.

Khader is one of the founders of Fatah youth movement. He has been arrested more than 25 times. He was expelled by the Israeli occupation in 1988 to Lebanon.