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Call for Europe to end volunteer recruitment for Israeli army

A UK-based human rights group has called upon the British and other European governments to put an end to the activities of Zionist organisations which recruit volunteers to work for the Israeli Defence Forces. The Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR UK) pointed out that these activities have increased significantly during the latest Israeli attack on Gaza.

According to AOHR UK, these organisations work within the EU zone in a very public manner and have never been investigated by government anti-terrorist units despite evidence that they recruit Europeans to serve in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Such recruits, it is claimed, have on occasion been required to engage in activities which endangered the lives of Palestinians, as has been the case in Gaza.

The rights group stressed the importance of dismantling these organisations because they pose a threat to the lives of the recruits themselves and Palestinians who live under occupation. AOHR UK is demanding that those running the Zionist groups involved in these activities be brought to justice.

According to an AOHR statement, the most prominent of these organisations are Sar-El, Aish Malach, Mahal-IDF and Friends of the Israeli Defence Forces. There are, it said, also charitable societies which collect donations for the Israeli army in the EU and the US.

AOHR UK added that the most active of these organisations is Sar-El, which is considered to be an important unit of the Israeli army and has launched a campaign to collect donations for the Israeli attack on Gaza. The organisation's name is a Hebrew term which means "serving Israel"; its current director is Israel Haifa. Sar-El has branches in more than 30 countries and most volunteers come from the US through the Volunteers for Israel organisation; from France through Volontarit; and from the UK.

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