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Americans rally against pro-Israel media

Thousands of Americans rallied in New York city on Friday in protest against Israel's mass killing of Palestinians in Gaza and the pro-Israel coverage of CNN and Fox News.

The rally started in front of CNN headquarters in Time Warner building in Manhattan, while American citizens from all races and religions, including Jews, participated.

The protesters drew the Nazi sign on the Israeli flag, and waved pictures of victims of the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza, while New York police took strict security measures to protect the rally.

The protesters chanted in solidarity with Gaza, such as "We are all Palestinians" and "Free, Free Palestine," among others. They also condemned the biased media coverage by major TV channels.

Police intervened to prevent a number of pro-Israeli protesters from attacking the rally.

After two hours of protest in front of CNN, the protesters marched to Times Square where Fox News is located. They repeated their chants in defence of the rights of Palestinians, chanting, among other slogans, "How many children did you kill today, Israel?"

British comedian and radio host, Russell Brand recently used his web series The Trews to blast Fox News' Sean Hannity for "using intimidation, bullying" and overall hypocrisy during a segment in which the Hannity berates a pro-Palestinian guest about Israel's offensive on Gaza. Watch the video below.

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