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Israel's escape from Gaza

The announcement made by the Zionist occupation's army on Tuesday morning regarding the withdrawal of the last of its troops from the Gaza Strip and moving them outside the vicinity of the wall built around the Strip was nothing more than a crushing and devastating defeat unlike any defeat suffered by Israel throughout its history. This was confirmed by the media outlets, newspapers, and many Israeli military analysts. This was also confirmed by Israel's barbaric fascist, Nazi behaviour towards aspects of life in Gaza, as Israel has destroyed and annihilated any aspect of life there.

Benjamin Netanyahu, whose name will go down in history with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and all the major criminals against humanity, continued to urge his allies for days and weeks to help him escape the quagmire that is Gaza in a way that allows him to face the pressures he is being subject to. However, they all failed to provide him with any help mainly because this may be the first time in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict that the other party leading and managing the battle is not subject to any pressure, blackmail, or undercover work.

The Palestinian resistance, backed by the firm and determined people of Gaza, beats like one heart and was able to defeat the fascist behaviour of Israel against the humans, rocks, trees, animals and all forms of life in the Gaza Strip. They were supportive and helpful to a resistance that has proven for the first time in the history of the conflict with Israel that it is a fragile state and that its soldiers are afraid of fighting against the Gazans; a fear that will be passed on from generation to generation of Zionists.

The number of Israeli soldiers killed and injured announced by Israel, estimated at about 500, can easily be assumed to be double or triple that number in light of Israel's secrecy regarding the real numbers of victims and due to the fact that Israel did not begin to admit casualties until a few days after the battle started. Moreover, it was very obscure in the media, which is also an important indication that the battle was full of surprises that shocked the army and its soldiers. The Israeli Merkava tanks, which have been described as being metal mountains, have been turned into piles of scrap metal by the resistance's explosives. I believe Israel, which gloated to the world that their tanks were the strongest tanks in the world, has lost all the contracts it signed with countries wanting to purchase these tanks; Israel had to rely on warships the entire time.

Those who follow the statements made by Zionist soldiers who survived the Gaza Holocaust, Zionist military analysts who were former officers, or newspapers which have recently started to become unprofessional, would realise that this time Gaza was the Zionist army's unprecedented Holocaust and that fleeing from its hell was Netanyahu's wish. Meanwhile, every Israeli soldier and officer hoped they wouldn't return to their families in a coffin; at least in the case of soldiers who have families.

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