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UN chief calls for probe into Israel attacks on UN facilities in Gaza

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon called on Wednesday to investigate Israel’s violations of international law during its recent offensive on the Gaza Strip.

During a UN General Assembly meeting, the UN chief said the Israeli attacks on UN facilities in the Gaza Strip were “outrageous, unacceptable and unjustified”.

Ki-moon stressed that those responsible for attacking the UN facilities must be held accountable for their actions.

He pointed out that prior to the Israeli attack on the UNRWA school in Rafah, Israel had been informed of the coordinates of all the UN schools at least 33 times.

The UN Secretary General called on the Palestinian and Israeli sides to respect the ceasefire agreement and to work towards reaching a lasting calm in the Gaza Strip.

He also called on all parties to unite in their efforts to rebuild what the Israeli war machine has destroyed in the Gaza Strip and to protect what is being built in future. He said: “We cannot continue building and then engage in a war that demolishes all that we have built. We must build and preserve what we build.”

Ki-moon stressed the need to reach a peaceful solution based on the so-called two-state solution in order to prevent repeating the attack on Gaza, to stop the firing of rockets into Israeli territory and to return Gaza to a unified Palestinian government which respects all the previous agreements of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

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