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Gaza triumphs

Despite all the cosmic conspiracies against the Palestinian people in Gaza, beginning with the Arab conspiracies to erase Gaza off the Palestinian map, and even completely wipe it out of existence, the Palestinian resistance – especially the Islamic resistance group Hamas – has heroically remained steadfast in Gaza in the face of the barbaric Zionist aggression. The resistance is backed by the brave Palestinian people who supported the resistance and were not broken or submissive nor did they stage a coup against them despite thousands of martyrs being killed or injured from amongst their ranks and even though their homes, as well as entire neighbourhoods and cities, being destroyed in order to incite the people against them. Instead, the people remained united by the resistance and sacrificed everything for the sake of the resistance, and this has stunned the entire world, who rushed to rescue Israel instead of rescuing the helpless people of Gaza who are living under illegal and criminal indiscriminate shelling day and night by a terrorist enemy.

Meanwhile, the countries of the world remained silent in the face of such horrific massacres in a manner that embarrasses these countries in front of their people who hold daily demonstrations condemning this blatant aggression against the Palestinian people. This drove some countries to make weak statements that aren’t even worth the ink they were written with three weeks after Israel began its attacks on Gaza, the most prominent of which was the televised speech made by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

As for the countries involved in this cowardly attack, such as Egypt, whose Director of Intelligence visited Israel shortly before the attack to make plans and arrangements with the Zionist leaders to launch this dirty war, they first started with adopting the Israeli rhetoric and made the first initiative of proposing the disarmament of the resistance (the nation’s source of honour and pride). Of course, this initiative was rejected, but they were stunned by the legendary steadfastness of the Palestinians and they saw that the rockets being fired by the heroes in Gaza, the land of resistance, honour, and dignity, were reaching the occupied Palestinian territories, from east to west.

They also saw how the Israelis were running out of fear to their shelters to hide form the rockets that they had once considered a joke, and also saw that the elite officers and soldiers in the Israeli army were being killed and were only able to make it a few metres into Gaza. This drove Israel to announce it would withdraw in order to re-deploy its soldiers in an attempt to save face.

It was at that point that the coup government in Egypt saw this and realised that the Israeli enemy, which is a friend of Egypt coup government – one that put it in power, was starting to quiver and shake and was on the verge of falling. It was also then that Netanyahu, who was facing a real crisis and was drowning, called for help, as his political history had ended and he was awaiting an investigation that would end him. He said that his friends in the surrounding Arab countries have become closer to him than the West and that his Arab friend in Egypt was lending him a helping hand and is changing his initiative by asking the Palestinian factions to submit a list of their demands in order for Egypt to be a mediator between them and the Zionists.

However, the Israeli delegation did not attend the meeting called for by the Egyptian regime, as they were content with the presence of their representative that spoke on their behalf. Netanyahu wanted to have an honourable way out and the Egyptian coup government helped him with this. Instead of adopting the Palestinian demands, which are actually their rights, not demands, Egypt is playing the role of the mediator that favours the demands of the occupying Zionist enemy.


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