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Jerusalem Archbishop: Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa targets Muslims and Christians

Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem Atallah Hanna said on Tuesday that the Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque is an aggression on both Muslims and Christians, Jordanian newspaper Addustour reported.

In a recorded speech broadcast during a celebration in Jordan entitled "Resistance is the way to liberate land and return" organised to celebrate Gaza's "victory", Atallah said: "It was planned that I be with you here, but the Israeli occupation prevented me."

He added: "Targeting the Gaza Strip means targeting Jerusalem and all the Palestinian lands." He hailed the Palestinian unity and called for more harmony among Palestinians in order to be able to face the occupation's policies which are aimed at Judaising Jerusalem and erasing the Palestinian identity.

The Bishop stressed that the continuous Zionist aggression is targeting "both Muslims and Christians, as well as all formations of the Arab nation."

Atallah reiterated the importance of solidarity with the Gaza Strip, Amman, Jerusalem and all Arab cities, noting that "all wounds are the same and all suffering is the same as long as the aim is the same."

Imad Momani, head of Al-Zarqa city where the celebration was held, said that the "Gaza Battle" was a "lesson" for the Zionists. Gaza, which represented the "most wonderful legend in the history", was a "burial" site for the Zionists.

He hailed the Jordanian staff at the Jordanian Field Hospital which was setup in Gaza at the end of the Israeli assault on the Strip in 2008/2009. He also hailed the King of Jordan who asked for the hospital to be setup.

Momani called on all Jordanians to take the Gazans as an example as to how to fight the "monstrous" Israeli occupation.

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