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Abu-Marzouk: We're waiting for Egypt's response on proposed meeting with Fatah

Deputy Head of Hamas's Political Bureau Dr Musa Abu-Marzouk said his movement welcomed Egypt's proposal of a meeting between Hamas and Fatah in order to discuss pending issues. He added that they are waiting for Cairo's response to the location where the upcoming meeting would be held.

In a press conference following his meeting with a factional delegation in Gaza this afternoon, Abu-Marzouk said his organisation is waiting for Cairo's approval regarding the location of the upcoming meeting with Fatah as well as setting a date for a meeting in Gaza. He stressed that his movement is seeking effective political participation in all aspects of national work.

He also added that Hamas welcomes Fatah forming a committee to talk with Hamas, calling for the end of media disputes and the initiation of serious dialogue in order to reach understandings on all pending issues.

Abu-Marzouk called for the association of staff from the previous Gaza government with the Palestinian Authority, the promotion of the image of victory for our people, and the end to the exchange of accusations between Hamas and the members of the PA and Fatah. He also stressed that his movement decided not to respond to the accusations directed by Fatah them.

He urged the Palestinian Authority to go to the International Criminal Court in order to prosecute Israel for its crimes, calling on the national unity government to remain committed to its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people, including allowing humanitarian aid and construction supplies to enter through the various crossings.

Abu-Marzouk pointed out that one of the Israeli war's most important goals was to disarm the resistance but it failed to do so, noting that his movement insists on remaining armed.

"The resistance has gained dignity and pride for the Palestinian people with the resistance's weapons, and no one can give up their dignity," he said. "Is it possible to expect a resistance that achieved victory with its weapons to give up its weapons and say it doesn't need them?"

"We cannot, in the state we are in today, disarm the resistance or abandon the resistance in the face of the Israeli occupation," he added.

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