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'Terrorists fired from homes' – says the army that does exactly that

September 11, 2014 at 4:38 pm

During the brutal attack on the Gaza Strip, one of the Israeli military’s propaganda claims was that Hamas fighters were “shooting from within homes“. The army even dropped leaflets over the fenced-in territory, warning that “any house…used to wage attacks against Israel will be targeted”.

Yet the Israeli army itself has frequently commandeered and occupied Palestinian family homes in the course of operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, a practice going back years.

“During the demonstration, Israeli soldiers occupied two Palestinian houses and shot at activists from the rooftops. When soldiers occupy a home, it frightens the family, especially the children, and the soldiers lock the family members in one room while they occupy the house.”

Palestine Solidarity Project, 2012.

“On Friday the Israeli army raided a Palestinian house in Hebron and converted it into a military base, forcing a family of 14 to move into the first floor of their home. The following day the soldiers took over the roof as well.”

ISM, 2010 (see photo)

“A number of houses were occupied by the IDF and their families confined to single rooms.”

UN OCHA, 2007

“The army destroyed Khalil Bashir’s parents’ old house, adjacent to his, and occupied the upper floor of his house…the top floor has been turned into an army base…[and the soldiers] have made holes in the external walls all around the house which they use as sniper positions.”

Amnesty International, 2004

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