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Aisha Al-Shater cries out: Save Akef from death

The former Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Mahdi Akef’s health condition has deteriorated, Aisha Al-Shater, daughter of Khairat Al-Shater, the Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, said.

On her Facebook page, Aisha wrote a post saying: “I just heard from Akef’s family that his health condition in the prison they call a hospital is deteriorating,” noting that he is “imprisoned in an entire ward by himself and is heavily guarded.”

She added: “I am astonished that this regime is afraid of an ill elderly man. I wonder if we will find anyone who will speak about this man who is suffering in the hospital while others suffer in prisons. Will they talk about his deteriorating health? Despite all of this, the regime not only insists on imprisoning him, but also on depriving him of his basic rights, such as being accompanied by his wife or any of his relatives.”

“Do you know that his wife is not permitted to meet with his doctors or anyone to ask and understand why he is severely tired, nor can she find anyone to reassure her that he will be taken care of. Will we find anyone talking about his wife’s tears as she leaves worried about her husband, who she sees is too tired to even sit with her when they visit him and tells her he is unable to eat,” she explained.

“May God curse those who torture an ill elderly man; may God curse those who have no mercy in their hearts and show no mercy to this sick old man,” she added.

The security forces arrested Akef hours after the leader of the bloody military coup Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s statement on July 3, 2013, in which he announced his coup against President-elect Mohamed Morsi and the suspension of the constitution.

In August 2013, Akef refused to allow his lawyers to submit a request to release him due to his age and poor health, saying: “I am not charged with anything to be asked to be released; I am imprisoned in accordance with the emergency law, not imprisoned due to a pending issue, and I am willing to die a martyr for the sake of the return of legitimacy.”

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