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Khamenei: US, UK and Israel use Islamic State to divide Muslims

October 14, 2014 at 11:47 am

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei has accused the US, UK and Israel of creating the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq in order to spark clashes among Muslims, noting that the resulting divisions between Sunnis and Shiites only serve the plans of these imperialist powers.

Speaking on the occasion of Eid Al-Ghadeer, Reuters news agency quoted Khamenei as saying that: “America, Zionism, and especially the veteran expert of spreading divisions – the wicked government of Britain – have sharply increased their efforts of creating divisions between the Sunnis and Shiites.”

He warned that, “Shias and Sunnis must know that any action or remark, including insulting one another, leads to increased sensitivities and ignites the flames,” while also stressing that the sectarian divisions “will certainly benefit the common enemy of all Muslims”.

The supreme leader said that the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda were created to serve the interests of the imperialists, but now these terrorist organisations have turned on their patrons.

Iran, which has long been opposed to Western governments, currently finds itself on the side of the US-led military effort to eliminate the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which has been able to seize large territories in these two countries in face of their corrupt and autocratic governments.