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Netanyahu: Peace with Palestinians is elusive

“Achieving peace with the Palestinians becomes more and more elusive due to the continuous incitement carried out by the Palestinian Authority,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

Netanyahu strongly criticised calls by some European parliaments to unilaterally recognise the Palestinian state outside the context of achieving a peaceful settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

He also attacked Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas saying he has not committed to the obligations agreed upon at the tripartite meeting in Amman last week, which was attended by the US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Jordanian monarch, to stop the violence in the region.

The occupied Palestinian territories, including the West Bank, Jerusalem, are witnessing tensions on the ground and in terms of security, which has continued to escalate since Israel closed Al-Aqsa Mosque nearly three weeks ago. This led to an increase in the number of hit-and-runs and stabbings of settlers in response.

A young Jerusalemite was found hanged today inside an Israeli bus run by the Egged company in Givat Shaul, an industrial area in Jerusalem. Israeli police claimed the young man had committed suicide, but his colleagues said six settlers attacked him before he was found hanged.

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