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Syrian students deprived of an education

November 21, 2014 at 2:23 pm

One of the biggest victims of the war in Syria is schools. While many have been demolished as a result of the bombardment by regime forces, others are bare of students due to parents not wanting to send their children for fear of bombings. This is leading to a whole generation of children being deprived of an education.

The school problem is not limited only by the fear of bombings in areas under opposition control, but also the lack of teaching staff whose salaries have been cut by the regime for their opposition to it or their transfer to areas under Assad control. Furthermore, no funding exists for individual initiatives to establish schools.

The Anadolu Agency reported about one of the schools in the town of Alhbit, on the outskirts of Idlib, which was bombed and is mostly destroyed. Now it is empty and bare except for some stray sheep while children play in the playground, hiding behind the school’s crumbling walls.

The agency’s reporter Ali Ankir reported that a teacher, who was dismissed by the regime for participating in demonstrations against it, said: “The villages and towns of Hama and the northern suburbs of south Idlib have been suffering from a complete end to all public schools because of the constant bombing by the regime, depriving the children of the most basic of educational needs.”

A child in the town said: “We spend our time playing because we do not dare go to school because we are scared of the bombing.”