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Algeria rejects request to send jets for war on ISIS

Algeria rejected a request to send military aircraft to participate in the war against ISIS last November due to “technical and logistical difficulties”, a diplomatic source has revealed. The anonymous source told Anadolu on Monday that the request was made by America and France.

“Two squadrons were requested to take part in the campaign in Syria and Iraq,” he said. Apparently the “difficulties” revolve around the fact that most of the aircraft involved are from the West, while Algeria’s jets are Russian-built. “In addition, our air force is not used to participating in extra-regional campaigns as they make the task logistically impossible.”

The source also explained that there is a well-established doctrine of the Algerian military that prevents it from working under foreign military leadership and participating in military operations beyond the borders of the country. This is stipulated in article 26 of the state constitution: “Algeria does not resort to war in order to avoid undermine the legitimate sovereignty and the freedom of other peoples. It puts forth its efforts to settle international disputes through peaceful means.”

The Algerian government did not make any official statement regarding the alleged request to participate in the war against ISIS.

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