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Oman, Qatar helped evacuating American diplomats from Yemen

Oman and Qatar helped the rapid evacuation of American diplomats in Yemen, German news agency DPA reported the US Department of State saying yesterday.

The US embassy vehicles used to get to the airport were left behind and were "seized", along with some equipment, spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in Washington. She would not specify who had seized the vehicles and equipment.

There were reports that Houthi fighters, who have taken over the Yemeni government, confiscated both the cars and weapons of US Marine guards, who departed with the embassy's remaining staff.

Psaki did not confirm that weapons were seized, but said: "Clearly it is unacceptable."

Answering a question regarding whether US staff are to return to Yemen, she said that if the US is to return to Sanaa, "respect for property and our facilities" is essential.

Staff departed on a private Omani aircraft, and the Qatari government helped "facilitate our safe departure from Yemen", Psaki said.

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